Comment jouer à Forle, le clone Fortnite Woordle: Conseils et meilleurs mots de depart

Wordle has taken the world by storm, combining simple-to-understand gameplay with challenging tests of a player’s vocabulary. Ever since its meteoric rise earlier this year, players have made guessing the day’s Wordle a part of their daily routine. As the game is so popular, clones like « Fortle » have popped up, which requires players to guess a five-letter word relating to Fortnite.

A Fortnite version of Wordle was bound to happen, given the mass following of both games. Fortle was created by the team responsible for and exists as its own section of the website. It has the same structure and rules as traditional Wordle. The only difference is that players can only guess words that have any relation to Fortnite. While the clone is only a couple of days old, it has garnered significant traction in the Fortnite community.

If you want to step into Fortle and need to know how to play, read below for the basic rules and a few tips on the best ways to win.

Playing Fortle

Once players visit the page for Fortle, they’ll be greeted with an explanation of the rules. Just like in regular Wordle, players have to guess a specific five-letter word in six tries or less. Along the way, their guesses will give them hints as to the location of certain letters. If players see an orange tile around a letter, that means it’s in the right spot. If they see a purple tile, that means the letter is in the word but not in the correct location. If a letter comes back with no color around it, it’s not in the word at all.

The toughest part about Fortle is that players have to think of five-letter words relating to Fortnite. This isn’t as simple as it may sound in theory. For this reason, the creators of Fortle have made some concessions compared to regular Wordle.

One of these concessions is that players are allowed to use proper nouns as guesses. The Fortle answer from April 13 was Midas, for example. Also, there will be some Fortle answers that use the plural form of a word. This means that a word like « Forts » might be the answer. Traditional Wordle doesn’t use plural forms as answers. These concessions are to make guessing somewhat easier, as there aren’t a plethora of five-letter Fortnite words on their own. However, with players able to guess proper nouns and plural forms, the sky is the limit with Fortle.

If players guess the day’s Fortle correctly, they’ll start or continue their win streak. A win will trigger the stats box to appear, which lets players see how many they’ve gotten in a row and how many guesses it’s taken for them to guess every Fortle correctly. The Fortle will reset every day at 1 PM PT/ 4 PM ET.

Fortle – Best starting words

In regards to tips on winning Fortle, there are some select words that players can use to make their time a little easier. As previously mentioned, five-letter Fortnite words are hard to come by, so we compiled a list of some that players can use.

  • Tempête
  • Portée
  • Snipe
  • Lutte
  • Knock
  • Calcul
  • Des arbres
  • Extraterrestre
  • Crank

* Étranglement
* Minis
* Spawn
* Vaporisateur
* Floraison
* Construire
* Forts
* Spies
* Fantôme
* Fusil
* Midas
* Jones
* Peely
* Agent
* Slone

These are some of the best starting words players can guess in Fortle. Of course, if none of those words are the chosen Fortle for the day, then players will have to tap into their knowledge of Fortnite to come up with a new guess. It’s reported that the Fortle creators are using words from all of Fortnite’s history, so some days might require a word relating to the Chapter 1, Season 2 Battle Pass, for example.

One strategy to use is to think of four-letter words that can be made plural with an « S. » These are legitimate guesses in Fortle. A word like « shot » isn’t a viable guess but « shots, » is. The more players guess Fortle words, the more strategies they’ll come up with.

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